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Litigation Simulation

We consider customer support an integral part of the successful use of Lawptimize for our users. We would like to be with you all the way in the creation and interpretation of the results of Lawptimize. We also believe that training you in selecting the optimal way of setting the parameters in the calculations can give you the best possible estimates and results and allow you to find the right strategy for your litigation.

In more detail we offer:


  • Assistance with setting up and organizing the decision tree for your litigation
  • Assistance with selecting the most appropriate parameters and conditions
  • Training from our specialized team (using Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, or the videoconferencing of your choice) that will allow you to handle all future applications of Lawptimize with confidence.
  • Interpretation of the results for your litigation.


Email us at with your questions and for setting up your training session with our team.

Sign Up for Alpha Testing

We offer a small number of seats for alpha testing. If you are interested to join us please apply below.

Data Driven Litigation for Legal professionals

Lawptimize Ltd

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The lawptimize platform is currently in alpha testing and will open for beta testing in October 2020.